Trading Conditions

Risk Disclosure

Trading Forex i.e. Foreign Exchange and CFD i.e. Contract for Difference is highly risky. Kindly carefully consider whether options or futures are relevant as per your current financial standing. Only that amount that you can risk must be utilized at the time of trading options or futures. It is advised that you go through the client account clauses and agreement carefully before setting up your account. It must be noted that investors can lose a substantial amount or more than what they had initially invested. Foreign exchange and CFD trading may not suit all the investors. Before trading forex, investors must consider their investment goals, risk appetite as well as experience level. You may lose more than what you may have invested earlier and thus you must never invest more than what you can lose. It is advisable that you seek suggestion from a professional and independent financial advisor in case of any clarifications or doubts.

Any news, opinions, analysis, research as well as other details present on this site has been offered as a general analysis and commentary and in no way constitutes any investment related advice. Bull Sphere shall not be responsible or liable for any sort of damages or losses, including and without limitation to, any profit or loss that arises indirectly or directly from using or relying on any such detail/information.

Investors must also note that using internet for executing trades or transactions can be highly risky. These risks could be related to software, hardware as well as internet connection-based issues. Bull Sphere will not be liable for any such communication problems, distortions or failures while trading through the internet.